Message For GW Students Abroad

September 15, 2001

Advisory for GW Students Abroad

A Message from the Director::

The security of GW students around the world remains a primary objective for the Office for Study Abroad. The Office for Study Abroad is in regular communication with resident staff abroad and university colleagues in the US and around the world. The staff is also in frequent contact with US government information sources, including the US State Department, our international education professional association, and other US colleges and universities with students overseas. Parents and students are encouraged to consult US State Department information online at

Though none of us could have imagined the tragic events of September 11th or their impact on lives around the world, the Office for Study Abroad maintains an emergency response plan that guides our actions during times of crisis. We make a consistent effort to stay informed of current developments and security advisories. We are very concerned about student safety abroad and make changes in our recommendations and procedures as warranted. Whenever these changes affect students abroad, students are informed through the program's local staff or responsible official. The Office for Study Abroad endeavors to inform parents of actions required abroad according to how quickly we must act to secure the safety and well-being of our students. Please contact the Office for Study Abroad for more information at 202-994-1649.

Lynn Leonard

GW Madrid Study Center and GW Paris Study Center Advisory

At this time, the University has no plans to suspend current operations at either the GW Madrid Study Center or the GW Paris Study Center. The Office for Study Abroad is in frequent contact with the resident staff of each program and has advised participants to follow security recommendations of the US State Department and local authorities. Should students prefer not to remain in their program, students have the option to voluntarily withdraw under normal University policy (see GW University Bulletin or regulations of the appropriate school). In such a case, GW students may arrange to return to GW the following semester. Students considering this option are urged to contact the Office for Study Abroad for guidance on the appropriate withdrawal procedures.

Advisory for Exchange, Affiliated, and Unaffiliated Programs

The Office for Study Abroad has not been notified by any exchange, affiliated, or unaffiliated programs that they have suspended operations due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 or pending international reprisals. GW does not determine or implement the crisis management or contingency policies and procedures for exchange partner institutions, affiliated program providers, or unaffiliated programs. GW students participating in these programs are urged to consult with host university officials or program providers for information concerning continued enrollment during times of crisis and contingency planning currently underway. The Office for Study Abroad and their schools' academic advisers are prepared to help students evaluate the decisions associated with voluntary withdrawal.