Zika Virus: Information and Prevention Resources (2016)

Campus Advisories
August 23, 2016

GW continues to monitor the ongoing developments related to the Zika virus.

According to the CDC, mosquitoes transmit the Zika virus. The disease leads to no signs of illness in 80 percent of persons infected. In the 20 percent showing signs of illness, the vast majority of symptoms tend to be mild, such as fever, rash and pink eye, and the symptoms last less than a week. Early information does point to a link between birth defects and infections from the Zika virus in pregnant women. The CDC's Zika virus website (www.cdc.gov/zika/) is a trusted resource for the latest information and updates.

GW community members are not obligated to travel to areas with Zika transmission on university business should they have concerns about the Zika virus and the risk of transmission.

Travelers are reminded to be mindful of their health and safety. Members of the university community, regardless if travelling domestically or abroad, are encouraged to review the links provided below. The links provide additional information on the virus, FAQs, prevention tips, travel notices and other resources.

Continue to monitor these sites for further updates: