Acid Neutralization Tank in SEH- Update

July 13, 2020

A quick update on the incident last Friday regarding the acid neutralization system at SEH:

  • The tank is currently being pumped out and should be completed by 1pm today.  This will allow us to confirm the point of failure.
  • The point of faiure is still being investigated/confirmed, but preliminary assessments point to a failed clean out pipe.  
  • In the interim, while permanent repairs are being developed and evaluated, a submersible sump pump will be installed so that the system can continue to be used without operational interruptions.  
  • When permanent repairs are made, access ports interior to the building and adjacent to the tank will be installed to accommodate routine exterior tank inspections moving forward.
  • We anticipate a final cause determination and proposed schedule for permanent repairs within the next day or so and will be sure to share additional information and updates as they come in.

Based on the above, labs can continue to dispose their lab wastes and operate as normal.  Please do not hesitate to let Facilities know if you have additional questions or concerns and we thank you for your patience.