Preparation Checklist

For Faculty 


Prepare an instructional continuity plan for your course. Your plan can include a variety of tools and pedagogical approaches.

Steps to take before a closure:


  1. Consider the following questions regarding how you might adjust your face-to-face class session in the event of a University closure.
    1. What elements of your face-to-face class sessions can be supplemented using online content?
    2. Could you record and post your lecture content for students if a class session is canceled? (See Echo360 on tools page)
    3. Can interactive elements of your face-to-face sessions be translated to online activities? (See Discussion Board and VoiceThread options on tools page)
    4. Do you want to host a live/synchronous class meeting using Blackboard Collaborate in lieu of a face-to-face class meeting? (See Synchronous Class Online options on tools page
  2. Review tools for instructional continuity and training materials to prepare. For upcoming workshop opportunities, visit the Instructional Technology Lab Upcoming Workshops web page.
  3. Decide which instructional continuity options you will use during a closure. Take time to explore and practice with any technologies you might use in the event of a closure. You might also consider integrating those same technologies into your regular class activities/assignments as an opportunity to familiarize yourself and your students with their usage.
  4. Establish your plans for communicating with students in the event of a closure at the beginning of the term. Share those plans in-class, on your syllabi, and electronically via Blackboard.


Steps to take during a closure


  1. Communicate your instructional continuity plans for that day’s class session by sending an email to your students via Blackboard. 
  2. Review just-in-time training materials.



The Instructional Core provides training and personalized guidance on the tools and best practices for virtual learning. Please contact the Instructional Core by email at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 994-6558 or see this list of upcoming workshops

For Students



Steps to take before a closure:


  1. Review your individual class syllabi for your instructors’ instructional continuity plans.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the tools your instructors will use for instructional continuity. 


Steps to take during a closure:


  1. Check your GW email account and your Blackboard course(s) for specific instructions from your instructor.