Campus Access Update #5

May 23, 2024

Buildings on the Foggy Bottom campus remain in GWorld Safety mode. Kogan Plaza and University Yard remain closed.

GWorld Safety Mode: All GWorld readers on the Foggy Bottom campus continue to be locked and access is only available to GWorld cardholders who would normally have tap access. Normal tap access is defined as an individual authorized to access a GWorld reader-controlled space.

The university will continue to evaluate building and space access on the Foggy Bottom campus and make adjustments as needed. The latest safety and security information will be posted on Campus Advisories.

For additional safety and security resources, visit the Safety website or download the GW Guardian app. Additional emergency management information from the District of Columbia is also available online.

All GW community members are automatically signed up to receive GW emergency email alerts. You can manage your GW Alert account to also receive GW text alerts on your mobile device. In addition to adding your mobile number, you can add up to three email addresses and phone numbers so that friends or family may also receive GW emergency alerts. Visit GW Alert FAQ for instructions on how to manage your account. In addition, for those who use mobile apps, the GW Guardian App will push GW emergency alerts directly to the app, as well as other safety functions.