District Road Closures

January 12, 2021

Washington, DC will soon announce the following street closures effective immediately:

  • 3rd Street, NW to 20th Street, NW
  • L Street, NW to Independence Ave, SW

This entire section of the city will be restricted over the next several days for all traffic.  There will be allowances for residents, tenants and workers to access their work/residential sites by vehicle up until Saturday, January 16th, 2021, but a valid ID and essential work papers/proof of need to gain entry will be required.  No on street parking will be allowed during this time frame in the restricted area.

Effective Saturday, January 16, 2021, at 6:00 AM, the entire listed area will be under an NSSE sanctioned security perimeter until after the Inaugural events.  Anyone entering will be required to go through a bag check and/or magnetometer check to gain entrance.  Again, valid government ID and essential paperwork or proof of need to gain entry will be required. On street parking will be restricted and vehicular traffic will more than likely be restricted as well.

This will mean that all persons wishing to gain access to the secured area should be prepared for longer commute times and delays in gaining entry.  Further Alerts will forthcoming as information becomes available.