TD Ida impacts 9/1

August 31, 2021

Hurricane Ida is now a tropical depression that is expected to impact the DMV area tomorrow, September 1, around noon. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports Tropical Depression Ida will bring periods of heavy rain and possibly damaging winds to the area beginning around noon on Wednesday and extending to Thursday morning. NWS estimates the District could see anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, downed trees, and possible flash flooding.

Steps that you can take to prepare:

  • Keep your devices charged;
  • Secure or move inside any loose furniture or other items; and
  • Keep windows closed.

 Stay informed:

Keep Yourself Safe During Flooding

  • Stay off the roads: emergency workers will be assisting people in flooded areas.
  • Be aware of areas where flood waters have receded. Roads may have weakened and could collapse under the weight of a car.
  • Stay out of floodwater. Standing water may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines or contain hazards such as human and animal waste, dangerous debris, contaminants that can lead to illness, or wild or stray animals.

For preparedness tips and safety information, refer to GW’s Emergency Response Handbook or visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website for additional resources to help you plan ahead for emergencies.